About Me

Hello there,

I’m Dusan, welcome to my personal website!

I’m 33 years old software engineer from Serbia. Besides engineering, in which field I proudly hold a Master Degree from University of Novi Sad / Faculty of Technical Sciences, I have a bit of interests in economics as well.

I used to have my own startup. And another one. And also another one. Actually, I’m always doing something on my own.

Professionally, I work as independent consultant, mostly in the following areas:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • API Management
  • WSO2 Products (certified expert, certified solution architect)
    • WSO2 Identity Server
    • WSO2 API Manager
    • WSO2 Enterprise Integrator
  • Open Banking
  • IT Security

I love to dig into coding and I’m a huge fan of Laravel, Vue, Python, AWS… Besides the basic things, I’m doing a lot of customizations on top of WSO2 platform (e.g. custom handlers, custom flows, custom customer-facing screens etc.).

Long story short: I’m good with computers.

I’m the founder / owner of DeltaDigit LLC. I’m working or used to work with Societe Generale (Paris, Varna, Belgrade), Trumpf (Stuttgart), Erasmus MC (Rotterdam), NASA (Pasadena), Deutsche Bank (Frankfurt), Starbucks (Seattle), Hanseatic Bank (Hamburg) etc.

When I’m not in a suite with my luggage around the world, I live with my wife and son in Novi Sad, Serbia.